Sunday, May 23, 2010

How Did My Hooker Days Start?

Got you with the title, huh? My hooker days, as in crochet hook... anyway, I started crocheting some time in my teen years, I don't remember exactly as that was a very long time ago. My mom taught me the basics and I pretty much just picked up the rest on my own. I remember during Hurricane Alicia in 1983, we had lost power for a few days and there was nothing else to do but crochet. Couldn't drive because there were power lines down everywhere, so it was just safer to stay in. I also liked to cross stitch then, but since my eye sight isn't so well anymore, it is harder to do the cross stitch now.

My grandmother and aunt knit and crochet, very well I might add. Mom only caught on to the crochet though. My grandmother tried to teach me to knit, but I could only get the basic and wasn't very good at it, so I went back to crocheting. My aunt can make just about anything, knit or crochet. You can see some of her items at her ETSY shop, Knits by Jeanie.

I mostly love to crochet for babies. I have a passion for the little bundles of joy and love to make things for them from hats to booties to afghans. I have had an itching to try the knit thing again, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm sure I will some day.

You can check out some of my baby creations at my ETSY shop, Crochet TLC. Here is a sample...